Workshop: Setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney form



Everyone should set up Lasting Power of Attorney forms, either for finances and property, health and care, or both, especially if you are experiencing memory problems and may need someone to assist you with decision making in the future. But the length of forms and solicitors’ fees often prevent people from drawing up the forms.

Come to our workshop and find out how to set the up documents yourself – we provide both types of forms, go through them in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, and welcome any questions that attendees have on the topic which can include:

  • What to do if someone challenges your role as attorney
  • How attorneys work together
  • Gifting
  • Paying for Care



Sara Wilcox founded Pathways Through Dementia in 2011, registering it as a charity in 2013. The charity specialises in supporting people who are navigating legal aspects of their dementia journey.

Sara has personal experience of dementia as both her grandparents had Alzheimer’s disease when she was very young at a time when it was little talked about or understood. When she moved to London Sara worked initially at the Court of Protection, then as an advocate for people living with dementia in Ealing, and finally at the Alzheimer’s Society where she ran a legal helpline and delivered talks and training on areas such as the Mental Capacity Act and welfare benefits.

Pathways has its own legal helpline and gives talks to community groups but most of its funding comes from the workshops and training days Sara runs on Lasting Powers of Attorney and paying for care.