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This is me

​Funded by the Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants 

Dementia Pathfinders are delighted to have been invited by Foan and Fortune to partner for this Research and Development project, working with those living with Young Onset Dementia and their carers. Foan and Fortune have been awarded a two week time and space residency at Metal in Southend where the R&D team will explore Young Onset using puppetry and object manipulation. 

Founders, Helen Foan & Marie Fortune have been collaborating creatively since 2011 in all things puppetry including concept design, make, direction, consultation and performance. Creating dynamic theatre of the highest quality with magic at the heart.

Exploring the world of Young Onset Dementia, the time at Metal will be used to explore collected research and experiment with different ways of bringing the stories, concepts and ideas to life using puppetry, object manipulation, VR, text and movement. With a goal to create conversations around the experiences of living with Young Onset Dementia.

Specialists, including Dementia Pathfinders CEO, Barbara Stephens, will assist in looking at the unique, diverse symptoms associated with Young Onset Dementia. Exploring the senses, the nervous system and the brain; the network of specialists will play with various means to bring these processes to life.

Main objectives: 
1. Raise awareness of Young Onset (as opposed to the more common Late Onset) by representation through the arts. We aim to create conversations and give a voice to the experiences of Young Onset. 
2. Connect with the Young Onset Community by: creative workshops with Focus Groups provided by Dementia Pathfinders, feedback from Netpark Wellbeing groups and Metal staff, individual meetings with YOYO members. Use above feedback to influence the direction of our piece 
3. Raise profile of Foan & Fortune: Social Media Campaign, website, meetings, legacy. 

Main outputs: 
1. Extend our collaborative network by inviting future partners, Metal, Netpark Wellbeing, Dementia Pathfinders, Arts4Dementia to sharing. Working with world renowned puppetry specialist Meryvn Millar. 
2. Consolidated research: selecting journeys/stories and experiment bringing them to life through puppetry/text/movement. Filming generated material. Exploring: Symptoms and the Brain, Personal Accounts/Diaries, 'This Is Me' doc by Alzheimer’s Society/RCN, journey to diagnosis and living with Young Onset. 
3. To create a framework for full puppetry production giving this often invisible subject a voice. With a scratch performance and working script to share.


For further information please contact Barbara Stephens on 07774 935905. You can also email info@dementiapathfinders.org