North London Young Onset Dementia Support Group


About the Meetings:

We (“YoYo”) are a self-organised, self-financed group, consisting of people diagnosed with various forms of young onset dementia and their partners/carers. However members do not have to join with a partner. Those in YoYo who have been diagnosed with dementia are at different stages in the progression of their condition.

We generally meet on Fridays and have had a variety of topics and activities; ranging from discussing a London manifesto on dementia, through group cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) to yoga, dance and nature walks. At our meetings we also have guest speakers and discuss new ideas for different activities.

In addition to our regular Friday meetings we get together socially for support group meals. Some of us also attend local dementia friendly events organised by third parties (see below).



The standard meetings are held in the Community Room on the third floor at Crouch End Picturehouse. Other events are at various locactions, such as:



Scheduled Meetings and Gatherings in the comming weeks



1400 - 1600 Positive Spin (cycling) Lordship Rec, off Higham Rd
03/08/18 1400 - 1600

YoYo Meet-up

Crouch End Picturehouse
06/08/18 1130 - 1230 Music Therapy. For details call 07553103599

Royal Albert Hall

06/08/18 1430 

Guided walk with Oonah: New Rivery

Meet in Finsbury Park at the Café by the lake


1400 - 1600         Positive Spin (cycling) Lordship Rec, off Higham Rd


1400 - 1600 YoYo Meet-up: Otago exercises with Patrick Crouch End Picturehouse


1130 - 1230 Music Therapy. Open Group. For details call 07553103599 Royal Albert Hall
14/08/18               1330 - 1430

Sporting Reminiscences. To book call Yvonne on 0207 616 8589

Lords Cricket Ground


1400 - 1600                       Lords Cricket Ground Lordship Rec, off Higham Rd


1430 - 1600 YoYo: Yoga with Clare Crouch End Picturehouse

1100 - 1300

Dementia Café – includes a talk on Tottenham Hotspur Antwerp Arms, Church Rd, Tottenham


1845       Carers’ meal  Melange, Crouch End


1400 - 1600

Positive Spin (cycling)

Lordship Rec, off Higham Rd


1030 for 1100 Dementia screening: “Mary Poppins” Crouch End Picturehouse


1400 - 1600 YOYO:  Guided session with Barbara Crouch End Picturehouse


1400 - 1600 Positive Spin (cycling) Lordship Rec, off Higham Rd


1400 - 1600 YOYO meeting: activity tbc Crouch End Picturehouse


Register your interest

To register your interest, contact Rose de Paeztron by email at