About Giveacar:

Giveacar is a not-for-profit social enterprise that turns old cars into cash for any UK charity. Donated cars are collected, scrapped or auctioned and proceeds are paid to the donor's chosen charity.The UK's first car donation scheme, Giveacar has won several awards and has now supported over 2,700 charities with the money raised from old cars. Using a nationwide network of breakers yards and salvage partners, they have handled the auction and disposal of over 8,000 vehicles and have raised over £2 million for charities across the UK.


​Scrapping your car has never been so easy:

Giveacar provides a FREE service which is available throughout the UK:

  • They will arrange a convenient time to collect your vehicle.
  • Depending on its age and condition, they will either send it for environmentally safe disposal and recycling at an Authorised Treatment Facility, or to a salvage auction.
  • Giveacar will donate the proceeds to help fund our work.
  • You will receive a receipt from both Giveacar and Dementia  Pathfinders​.


To arrange the collection of your old car:

Click here to visit our page on the Giveacar website, where you will find details on how to donate your old car.