Employee Assistance Programme

Is your organisation supporting employees who:

May be developing memory problems or dementia?
Care for a family member or friend with memory problems or dementia?

If so, then Dementia Pathfinders' Employee Assistance Programme can help.

Dementia Pathfinders is a leading provider of dementia specialist support for employers and employees. The specialist approach embraced by our ‘Employee Assistance Programme’ is person-centred and focused on meeting the individual needs of employees affected by dementia. Our service helps employees and their family members to address the challenges that dementia can bring. These challenges can become distractions that affect home life and work performance.
Our Employee Assistance Programme provides:

  • * Confidential Counselling and Advisory Service
  • * Health and Wellbeing in Dementia - events for employees
  • * Comprehensive online resources

Confidential Counselling and Advisory Service

Our counselling and advisory service is developed and designed to support the psychological wellbeing of employees affected by dementia.  

Telephone counselling:

It can sometimes help to talk problems through with someone who is able provide an objective and informed point of view. This can enable employees to identify solutions to problems that may not be immediately apparent.

Face-to-face counselling:

Employees may find that telephone counselling helps to make sense of their experience, where necessary, employees may be put in contact with a dementia specialist for face to face counselling. Dementia Pathfinders has a network of counsellors across the UK, which means that sessions can be arranged locally if needed.

We can provide your employee with:
An initial assessment (of up to 90 minutes) designed for employees to meet with the counsellor to discuss the issues that have brought you to the service

  • * Up to 6 further counselling sessions (of up to 60 minutes) for employees to work through their issues and concerns
  • * Arrangements will be made for a set time and date so that employees can plan the sessions into their busy lives.
  • * Employees may need to access face to face or telephone counselling

The service is entirely confidential. At no time are personal details or contents of the counselling sessions revealed. The premises for face-to-face counselling provide a safe place for sessions to take place.

Dementia Pathfinders follow confidentiality guidelines. At no time do we ever exchange personal details of employees referred to the service. Employees will be allocated a case number which they can use if they do not wish to give personal details. All we need to know is who they work for and how they are affected by dementia. The only information that Dementia Pathfinders will provide to employers is anonymous data, to enable the organisation to know how the service is being used. Dementia Pathfinders will never give information that may cause the employee to be identified, the employee does not have to give us their personal details if they do not want to.

In the first instance the employee will contact Dementia Pathfinders employee assistance programme to arrange a time for their initial assessment or meeting. Wherever possible arrangements will be made within 3-5 working days, dependent upon the employee’s requirements.

Following an initial assessment session we will decide upon the best way forward. One session may be enough, or it may be appropriate for the employee to leave the arrangement flexible. Each case will be treated individually and will be organised to meet the needs of the employee.  

Dementia Pathfinders counsellors are members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to BACP's Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.  All Dementia Pathfinders Counsellors are accredited and registered with BACP and/or UK Council for Psychotherapy, or are actively working towards accreditation, having joined the BACP Register of Counsellors & Psychotherapists prior to application for accredited status.

All Dementia Pathfinders counsellors have a minimum qualification at diploma level or equivalent and at least two years post qualification experience of clinically supervised counselling. All Dementia Pathfinders counsellors receive clinical supervision from trained supervisors in accordance with the code of practice of their respective professional body.

Health and Wellbeing in Dementia - Events for other providers of employee’s assistance programmes:

Should an existing Employee Assistance Programme Provider wish to increase the knowledge, understanding and skill of their own EAP practitioners and counsellors they can access our Dementia Knowledge and Skills for EAPs training programme.

This 3 day programme equips employee assistance programme providers with the essential knowledge and skills required to provide information, advice and counselling to those affected by dementia.

For more information contact: employee.assistance@dementiapathfinders.org

Health and Wellbeing in Dementia - Events for Employers

Dementia Pathfinders can provide Health and wellbeing events for your employees. Our Dementia Awareness Days promote increased knowledge and understanding of dementia and guidance on how to keep well when affected by dementia.

Training sessions: - Dementia Awareness Training for all - A one day course exploring what is dementia, the main types and how best to support people with dementia.

Comprehensive online services:

Information an be made available online to find out more contact us on employee.assistance@dementiapathfinders.org  

We are able to provide bespoke resources, including links to high quality, up to date factsheets and articles, searchable databases, regular online seminars, and time-saving links.

Support for employees:

  • * Accessible by phone, email and through our website
  • * Information and resources on a whole range of dementia related topics
  • * Confidential and independent from the employer

If you are interested in raising awareness of dementia and would like to discuss the commissioning of an event or training programme for your organisation please contact us.

Health and Wellbeing Events and training programmes are charged at £600 per day

Should you wish to discuss the commissioning of a bespoke employee assistance programme for your organisation then this will be costed based on your organisation’s needs.

For further information please contact employee.assistance@dementiapathfinders.org