Educational Courses

Dementia Pathfinders believes that high quality dementia training is the foundation for excellent services. Our approach to learning is distinctive. We have a highly experienced group of associate trainers with expertise in dementia and a passion to make a difference. We also involve people with dementia and family carers in training, to allow participants to learn from the real experts. We work flexibly with organisations in identifying needs and designing projects geared towards extending staff knowledge while developing the service so it is better equipped to meet the needs of people with dementia.

We can offer
We can offer practical guidance on a broad range of issues: management of dementia services; workforce development; providing activity; the environment; involving people with dementia; working effectively with family carers. We welcome contact with organisations to discuss specific requirements and we can offer a service built around our customers’ budgets, timescales and priorities. 

The voice of experience
Our aim to involve people with dementia and family carers
Through training, we aim to give a voice to people with dementia and friends and family members who support them, keeping these people at the heart of everything we do at Dementia Pathfinders. We endeavour to achieve this by carefully selecting family carers to speak during relevant courses, making sure they have experience that will be relevant to the learners who attend, e.g. if we are training home carers we ensure the family carer has experience of receiving a home care service.

Our Trainers
Dementia Pathfinders’ trainers delivering our short courses have been selected because they are highly experienced trainers as well as having worked in the field of dementia care in a range of roles. This means they are able to select learning approaches which best enable participants to develop understanding and competence, whilst demonstrating a deep knowledge of dementia that helps them address questions and issues raised. They draw from their own experiences of working alongside individuals with dementia to illustrate information about how the condition affects people. Our trainers have a variety of backgrounds and specialist interests which allows us to deliver courses on a broad range of topics.


Programme of Educational Courses


Further information
Many of our Educational Courses are featured in our Open Course Programme and new titles are added regularly.

Our Educational Courses can be commissioned by an organisation for delivery in-house. To commission bespoke training for your service, please or phone 0845 257 2250.