Dementia Education & Training Network

The Dementia Education and Training Network is an open forum for those with an interest in, or who are responsible for, the development of education and training in dementia care.


The network is attended by:

  • Dementia specialist trainers and training providers
  • Staff responsible for the commissioning and delivery of dementia education and training from the statutory, independent and voluntary sector
  • Training and education commissioners interested in dementia
  • Care providers keen to link with dementia education and training providers
  • People with dementia contributing to the delivery and content of dementia education and training
  • Family carers of people with dementia contributing to the content and delivery of dementia education and training

It meets:

  • To provide informal peer support for trainers and educators
  • To share information and resources in shaping educational provision in dementia
  • To provide development opportunities for trainers and educators
  • To influence change and improve standards in dementia care through the provision of quality training for staff at all levels
  • To provide a forum for influencing national policy on dementia education and training
  • To enable providers and those wishing to commission training to link up to network with colleagues

Dementia Pathfinders coordinate the network and the Mental Health Foundation will host the meetings.

Meeting dates for 2017:


Please check back for future dates


2.00pm - 5:00pm


The Mental Health Foundation, Colechurch House, 1 London Bridge Walk, London, SE1 2SX.  The office is located on a walk way called London Bridge Walk. Look out for Evans Cycles on Duke Street Hill. London Bridge Walk is above this shop. Download directions and a map to the office

Guest Speakers



Previous Meetings:

At the DETN meeting in October, Wendy Brewin spoke about the work of the Sensory Trust and Toby Williamson presented on the Truth inquiry, 'Dementia, different realities and truth telling inquiry'

At the June DETN meeting, Becky Sidwell spoke about the Prime Ministers Challenge on Dementia 2020. To view Rebecca's presentation please click here

At the DETN meetingin March, Rebecca Jarvis presented information on the Health Innovation Network. To view Rebecca's presentation please click here

The network agrees the dates and speakers for all meetings. Speakers will be published on the Dementia Pathfinders website ahead of each meeting.

Future Dates:


For further information please contact