Connecting body, mind and spirit: an embodied and holistic approach to working with people living with dementia


Aims of the day
Enhance awareness and integration of our bodies, minds and spirits in order to stay connected when caring for someone with dementia.


Learning Outcomes:

  • have a greater understanding of the importance of one’s body, mind & spirit connection & how this relates to health and well being.
  • have increased knowledge of how culture may influence perceptions of self and other; reflecting specifically on the caring role.
  • have actively engaged in a shared learning experience; a facilitated group where verbal, non-verbal and creative tools are incorporated to enhance reflection & integration of new knowledge.
  • have a greater understanding of the power of being present to themselves and individuals with dementia who they are in contact with.
  • have come up with practical ways they can care for themselves which in turn will enhance their capacity to care/support another person.


How this will be achieved:

  • group work/interaction 
  • using creative tools to reflect (movement, music, art work) 
  • learning materials & dialogue 


Evaluated by:

  • group reflection
  • individual feedback forms/reflection sheets
  • possible follow up session to gauge integration of learning into practice 


Course Trainer:
Nuala Nagle qualified as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist (DMP) in September 2014, graduating from her Masters at Goldsmiths University of London after training from 2011-2015 while also working part time as a Specialist Occupational therapist in the field of Neurology, where she continues to work. Nuala completed her BSc Hons in Occupational Therapy in 2007 in Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, Scotland. She worked in Scotland as an Occupational Therapist from 2007-2011. From both her professional backgrounds Nuala has gained a breadth of experience working with people from diverse backgrounds, all age groups and with a range of conditions including Learning Disability, Mental ill Health (including a six month honorary contract in forensicmental health as a DMP), Physical and Neurological conditions. Nuala has also worked internationally as a volunteer for dance and Arts based Projects.

In September 2012 Nuala initiated a 10 day programme entitled “Dance & Arts for Health and Well-Being” in association with charity J.E.L.A Foundation (based in U.K & Haiti). Nuala ran successful fundraisers in New Cross London and has served as a volunteer coordinating and running the programme in Limbe Haiti. Nuala also seized the opportunity to present about this project at United Nations conference ‘Commission for the Status of Women’ (Eliminating Violence against Women) in New York in March 2013. Nuala has continued to runthis programme annually until the present.

Nuala believes in the transformative nature of dance and the Arts which help to integrate the connection between our bodies, our minds and our spirits. From Nuala’s perspective dance/movement has the potential to enable individuals and groups to express their unique identity, communicate and relate to others and through this to experience a greater sense ofbelonging to their communities.


Further information
Future Connecting Body, Mind and Spirit dates will soon be added back to our Open Course Programme. Please check back regulary.

Like all of our Educational Courses, Connecting body, mind and spirit, can be commissioned by an organisation for delivery in-house. To commission bespoke training for your service, please or phone 0845 257 2250.