Circle Dance in Dementia

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14th Mar 2017 London Click Here Click Here £75 (includes 20 track cd)


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Circle Dancing developed during the 1970s from traditional folk dance from around the world; there is a network of groups in the UK. The wide range of music links to celebrations, life events, and enables the exploration of the social and cultural aspects of connecting lives. Music has been selected from the repertoire and simplified standing and seated dances have been devised which allows for touch, holding, swaying, and easy repetitive movements, allowing the participant to feel safe within the circle. During the dance session comments and thoughts are often evoked and expressed. With the release of feelings people with dementia may be helped to communicate and be expressive.

‘Uplifting and motivating – the dance is an inclusive activity and will help feelings of togetherness’

‘Simple to learn and achievable and versatile for our users’

‘I felt inspired and refreshed by your course’

‘I have found something which is very valuable for our users with potential for involving relatives’

The aim and scope of the Circle Dance in Dementia Project

Circle Dance training aims to enable and skill up staff to provide their own movement and music sessions with their service users. The dance provides an enjoyable form of exercise and movement. Staff have welcomed an activity in which people with moderate/medium stage dementia can engage. It offers the opportunity for a shared activity with partners, relatives and carers. It can be used in residential and day settings, assessment units, NHS and voluntary organisation groups with older people, people with learning disability, mental health conditions, and physical disabilities. It can be offered at care home social events, and Alzheimer's Cafes. Each track on the CD provided with the training course can be used for standing and seated dance.

Circle Dance training aims to:

  • Provide the practicalities and skills to set up and run circle dance sessions
  • Familiarise learners with the dance formats - both standing and seated - and music used for circle dance
  • Develop an understanding of how dementia feels
  • Learn how circle dance can enhance reminiscence work, relationships, and link to a range of cultures
  • Provide ways of monitoring dance sessions
  • Demonstrate that circle dance can provide outer enjoyment and inner well-being

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training day participants will be able to:

  • Plan and provide circle dance sessions for people living with dementia (and their carers)
  • Enhance users' well-being by providing them with an activity which encourages connection with others
  • Recognise the scope for linking with reminiscence and cultural engagement
  • Reflect upon the importance of group-work skills, use of music, observation and monitoring, sharing of project work within the workplace
  • Demonstrate their understanding of legalities of using recorded music in care settings

Circle Dance session - Photograph courtesy of Blind Veterans UK.

Content to include

Circle Dance steps and music - introduction/ demonstration; group skills; practicalities for getting a group started.

Who can attend

Activities/Care Staff, Independent Dance Trainers, Volunteers


To commission Circle Dance in Dementia training for your service or for more information about open training days, please contact or phone 0845 257 2250.

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